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Donghai Seniors Association 

Meeting the needs of seniors in the community

Donghai Seniors Association was founded in 2023. Our mission is to break barriers and enrich the lives of seniors by building a passionate and healthy community. We provide recreational and educational activities that promote the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of seniors living in Mississauga. 



Who we are

 Donghai Seniors Association is committed to provide inclusive and accessible programs for seniors to reduce social isolation, improve senior health and encourage activity in the community. We primarily focus on social, cultural and recreational programs such as line dance, square dance, folk dance, tai chi and table tennis. As well, we do educational activities such as English classes, social media operation classes, and digital courses. There are several projects initiated, designed by volunteers and granted by the Canadian government to meet the needs of seniors in the community. We also participate in social activities in the Mississauga community such as Carassauga, The Dragon and Lion Dance Festival, and The Bread and Honey Festival in Streetsville, Misssissauga.

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